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  • Svetlana and Oleg

    We are very grateful to you, Svetalana and Oleg.

    In early July we will get married, we found our happiness on your site Dvi Zirky.

    I registered three years ago, I was comfortable here, cultural guys wrote, they addressed me culturally, there were no obscene words or neglect on the part of men.

    It is very good that there is such a paid site as yours that eliminates parasites.

    I do not regret for a second that I’ve been on your site for three years, I was sure that my boyfriend would come here, and so it happened half a year ago I met Oleg. We immediately felt comfortable, still tested our feelings, didn’t want to be mistaken, and Oleg was really the kind of guy who was thinking about falling asleep and waking up, that I would see him on your site today.

    As the people say, who is tolerant is saved, this is indeed so.

    I leave your site paired with my beloved and wish everyone who is on your site to find their couple and be happy.

    With respect and gratitude, Svetlana and Oleg

    Happy couple - Ternopil - Chernivtsi - Ukraine, June 2020

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