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  • Ruslan and Alicia

    Have a nice summer day, dear Dvi Zirky Administration !!!

    I came to your site almost two years ago, communicated with girls and kept looking at new profiles on your site.

    I gained patience and as they say "I was not in a hurry for the train,"

    one girl wrote that it was for such a train))) I will explain, marriage is not just for me to take the girl by the hand and say “let's get married”, for me the marriage is a girl who can wait, reasonable, smart This is ideal for everyone.

    I saw in the Leaders, a girl with a beautiful name Alicia,

    she wrote so heartily about her grandmother. it is rare for a young girl to describe her Grandmother in this way, now everything is very modern with tattoos, an interesting fashion, but as they say, every man’s choice, I liked girls brought up, sincere - this Girl came - Alicia.
    We are both from Ukraine, both of us are interested in being together, I am in Winnipeg, Alicia now lives with her grandmother in Montreal.

    I am writing to you a review, as my gratitude, and I am visiting Alicia, and Grandma served a strawberry pie, I remembered Lviv, which we plan to visit all three of them in the near future, meeting with Alicia’s parents, plans for the future, our wedding.

    You have added a lot of wallpapers about Provence,

    I really wanted to visit France, relax on the Cote d'Azur, try local wine in the provinces of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Provence, Medoc.
    Frankly, on this journey, Alicia and I were pushed to view wallpaper about Provence.

    Thank you, Dvi Zirky, for our happiness being together - Ruslan and Alicia

    Happy Dating - Winnipeg (Canada) - Montreal (Canada), June 2019

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Reviewed published: Sunday, 9 June, 2019 - 22:24