We are really happy together !!!

Nicholas and Oksana

Good day,
 Zoryana Vladimirovna  and the team of Dvi Zirky!

Thanks to your site, one more happy family was created on 20 January  2018 !!!
It happened after long conversations on Skype, anticipation and seemingly never-ending wait for the meeting.
We connected on 17 April 2017 and very quickly moved to the level of, firstly, daily letters, and then morning and evening conversations on Skype. Then we had a meeting in Thailand, which only confirmed our mutual feeling like we knew each other all our lives. Frankly speaking, our meeting still feels like a miracle for us.

We are really happy together! We wish everyone, who is on this site now, to find his or her second half.

Nicholas from Vienna (Austria) and Oksana from Lviv (Ukraine), January 2018

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