Thank you Dvi Zirky for your work...

Denis and Tatiana

Hello dear team of Dvi Zirky,

We would like to say THANKS you for your work. We met each other last year in October 2017. 
At the foundation of a lasting relationship is friendship - She is a perfect mirror and a fantastic friend

I would like to give some advice to single girls.

Be patient, don't give up looking, and you will find your second half, your true love, and one day he will say "you are my first love ever, the first person I really love, there will never be another, you have captured my heart".

Thank you Dvi Zirky for your work,

our happiness could not be possible without you.

Sincerely, Denis and Tatiana

Sydney (Australia) - Uzhhorod (Ukraine), October 2018

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