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The secret of a long and happy relationship with a man

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The secret of a long and happy relationship with a man

How to build a relationship with a man, keep warm, love and understanding is not an easy task.

But a wise woman will surely cope with him.

The fact that a woman is a keeper of a hearth is not just a phrase.

Indeed, a woman creates an atmosphere, she puts forward her unspoken rules of relations, and a man only continues the game.

You can often hear: “Well, she was lucky, she has such a wonderful family.” Someone may be lucky to meet a good man, but the development of relationships, and lead to

forming a family is far from luck.

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Give your beloved smile more often

Want to be happy with your loved one? From the very beginning of the relationship, adhere to the following rules:

- Do not try to manipulate a man, sooner or later he will feel it. And he really will not like it. If you want him to do what you think, just tell him about it, explain why you want it. A loving husband will hear and understand you.

- Do not provoke a sense of guilt and duty in him. Otherwise, after a few years you will realize that next to you is an unhappy person, restless, depressed and not confident in yourself.
Rejoice him, take care of him

- Do not try to change it, you have chosen it for what it is. No need to break it, rebuild, adjust for yourself. Just remember that all disagreements can be resolved with a sincere smile and a frank conversation.

- Do not be offended by trifles. Maybe at first it will please him, but over time he’ll get bored terribly.

- Solve disagreements and problems together, as they become available.

The secret of a long and happy relationship with a man id739486624

Respect and value your man

These are the basic rules of a wise woman who knows how to build happy relationships.

Everything else is already a matter of your imagination. How will you create coziness, what cute habits will appear in your family, what traditions - think, create.

You do not even need to have a magic wand to make dreams of a happy family a reality.

Just do everything that you do for yourself and your beloved with pleasure and love.

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