Formula for the success of women while dating on the Internet

You can only get a man’s attention on Dvi Zirky using your profile picture.

Given the fact that during an online dating there is only a second, and sometimes even less, to attract the attention of a potential partner, a profile photo can both increase the chances of finding love and become a serious obstacle to meeting a man.

Which profile photos are most attractive to men and the five basic rules for creating the perfect picture for dating online.

Formula for the success of women while dating on the Internet

Location: Profile photographs taken at the restaurant are most favorable.

Number of people in the photo: The ideal photo for dating on the net is the one that depicts only you, without friends. Men are less likely to write to women who use photos with friends as their primary profile picture.

Focus on the photo: The main focus should be not only the face, but the whole body. Surprisingly, portrait shots with a close-up face are less attractive to men.

Facial expression: A wide smile showing teeth, these photos are very attractive to men.

Clothing: Casual wear. To the surprise of many, women in bikinis in the photo, alas, are less attracted to potential partners.Family Academy Dvi Zirky

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