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If you put in your best effort, you will be able to attract someone truly amazing!

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 If you put in your best effort, you will be able to attract someone truly amazing!
Do you usually fulfill the minimum requirements or do your best?

Putting the maximum effort in things that matter is a habit that brings amazing results.

Do your best instead of bare minimum
Lots of things in life you can just pass. You don’t need to score the highest marks on your driving test; you can make a few mistakes and still get the license.
But in life, will it work the same way? Just one mistake can be the difference between life and death on the road.
People who get the habit of doing their best instead of bare minimum are the ones that get promotions, salary raises, and, surprisingly, get the best girl for a partner.
Likes attract likes
That’s an old truism that people like the people who are like them. Now scientists have proven it experimentally: Opposites don’t attract. This means, if you limit your efforts to the bare minimum, the person who will be attracted to you probably tends to do the same. What your life will be in this case? Average.

But if you put in your best effort, you will be able to attract someone truly amazing.

Have you been having lots of success with pretty girls?
• How successful have you been with pretty girls so far?
• Are you happy with the results?
• Would you like to do MUCH better?
It’s easy to do well, if someone has done it before you and happy to share tips how to achieve the highs you seek.
You do not need to invent a bicycle: Simply get the parts and follow the instruction manual to put it together.
Yes, it still requires some effort, but you can’t compare it with genius and sweat that were needed to create the prototype.
This is why inventors become so rich, after patenting their discoveries.
You don’t need to invent a bicycle to find a good wife
Our life changes so fast. Do you realize that iPhone is just celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017?
Yes, 10 years ago we didn’t have smart phones. We didn’t even have touch phones. Internet was accessible only at home through a computer. No tablets or iPads either. No apps.
• The revolution in communication in the last 10 years changed the dating terrain forever.
• The guys who still think that tips and advice from dating books that are 10 years old may help them, are cutting the brunch on which they are sitting.
• You need today’s tips and advice to be successful with today’s girls.

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