I will meet with a woman to create a family.

Age: 62 years old   male
actively searching ● love, relationship ● marriage, family
Canada , Toronto

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Про себе: 

Hello dear. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I am the really nice guy that is still available....

I have been to Ukraine many time. I have dated several Ukrainian ladies, but mutual love has not blossomed for me. It seems that most ladies were more interested in what I could give them in materialistic terms... such as having an expensive dinner at some fancy restaurant so she could show off to her friends on VK. Very sad that a lady is more interested in posting photos of herself on VK than having a warm, loving and caring man. But we all live and learn, or at least we should try our best to learn from every day and every experience that God gives to us.

Despite not finding the right woman who would love me for who I am and not what I could give to her.. I like Ukrainian women. I like visiting Ukraine and I like the family oriented culture, the food and the people that I met on my visits.

I love to travel and explore the world and new cultures. I am an outgoing, people oriented person who tends to make new friends easily.

I am also an outdoor person who loves to camp, hike or just take a scenic drive through nature. Just being outdoors and enjoying the day with

I am a tender, affectionate man who knows how to treat a lady. I am strong willed and a hard worker who can provide for and protect my future family.

I work very hard, and I also like to play hard as well. I would love to have a special lady to share a weekend cookout with friends, take our children for a picnic on the lake or sea shore.... or maybe will can entertain our friends and family with a nice cozy dinner party at our home.

I am seeking my one true love to spend the rest of my life together.

If you don't like an affectionate, loving man and you are uncomfortable holding my hand in public, or you don't like your man to give you a little kiss just because he loves you, then we are likely not compatible. I am the type of man to put a little chocolate candy and a love note in your underwear drawer... just to give you a happy little surprise and show you how much that I care about you.

I seek a lady that is happy and content with the simple things in life and is willing to build a life with me centered upon us and our children. Honestly, I am a generous man and I love to have fun... going out for dinner, or to the movies or going bowling...

However, if your idea of "fun" is going out for expensive meals every night and demanding materialistic things from your man... then we are not a good match at all. I think that a gift from a man should be spontaneous and genuine and not demanded by a lady.