I like to travel, to know the world and myself...

Age: 48 years old   female
correspondence ● love, relationship ● marriage, family
USA , Los Angeles

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Про себе: 

I am a beautiful, sexy and educated woman, I want a serious relationship, and in the long term, to start a family. I'm ready to engage in life, not competing with a man, respecting a man and his inner world, is ready to adapt to the needs of my man.

I love nature, with pleasure with friends I do cycling walks in the forest, near the lake, and sometimes in the mountains. I just love to take a walk enjoying the beauty of nature. I like to travel, to know the world and myself, when I visit new places and countries, I share my emotions and impressions with people who are next to me with pleasure. Twice a week I attend a fitness hall, it gives me a great mood, perfect shape and health. I like to dance, a year ago I discovered a new dance west coast swing, it's so cool to know my body in the dance)), and of course the dance is a good mood. Excellent experience for visiting restaurants, I like to try new dishes, discover new tastes, enjoy the atmosphere. I know how to have fun, sometimes I go to concerts or to a movie theater for a new film. I love animals, I have a very cute kitty. I also like to cook something delicious for myself and my close people. Sometimes I just want to stay at home, watch a good movie, read something interesting, I like psychology.