Hello, Miss! And thank you for reading my note.

Age: 59 years old   male
actively searching ● marriage, family
Germany , München

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Hello, Miss! And thank you for reading my note. Please, if you are not seriously interested in marriage and starting a family, please read another profile. I don't want to be rude, but I am not here to waste anyone's time. I want to find my forever wife and create a loving and stable family. So, if you are still reading, I imagine I am very much like you - uncertain right now as I listen to the words of a complete stranger from the Internet. But in reality, we are not really very different, you and I. We are both Human Beings on a journey, on a quest to find that special person whom we can give all of ourselves to and from whom we can receive everything they have to offer. I sincerely hope that we might be these things for each other, but I certainly do not pretend to know the mind of God. He is the only one who knows what waits for us in the future, but I hope very strongly that we will be given the chance to find out if we are meant for each other or not.