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59 years old

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Now, our psychologists have prepared an article about what can be said about a woman of position of the feet.
By submitting information nonverbally, we thus send different signals. People know how to decipher them, holding a big bargaining chip. What can "talk" poses feet taken by a woman?

1. If a woman standing with legs wide apart, then it is quite persistent and stubborn nature. It is inherent enormous penetration power and the inability to flexibility and compromise in achieving goals. If she decided on something, give up their intentions it is very difficult.

2. Lady is exactly, but her feet together - even-tempered person, tolerant of human shortcomings, restrained in expression of feelings, practical and economic. She is a good friend. However, its appearance may be present in certain coldness that can prevent it in contact with people, writes Ivona.

3. If she relies on one leg, the other brings forward a little, it differs a strong temperament, active and sustainable lifestyle. She loves to be the center of attention, deals only with what exactly it means, while showing flexibility and always achieves its goals.

4. Lover cross legs - this ambitious lady who always make plans and career. Home and family in their background. They are not afraid to take responsibility, often playing "first violin" in tandem with her husband.

5. Those girls sitting, throwing one leg to the other - confident and their attractiveness. They know that they have a lasting impression on others. They tend to enjoy life and make everything easy and fun. They attract men into the abyss of madness and pleasure.

6. Sitting women equally, connecting the legs together and put forward their slightly forward (often based on the whole foot) - very conservative, sincere and honest, sometimes too straight. May seem cold (if people are not interested in it).

7. If a girl sitting while holding a closed knees and feet wide apart, it obviously varies nature that seeks to communicate with the opposite sex and also afraid of it.

8. Sitting woman touches one leg than the other - a sign of restraint, indecision and insecurity. Although sometimes it sit, wearing too short a skirt or torn tights in plain view.

9. If the girl tend to sit, cross their legs outstretched and slightly forward, it is imperious and very tough person. It is committed to the rule, jealous and rational, which prevents her personal life.