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11 tips for men on their first date. Clothing
11 tips for men on their first date. Clothing

It is believed that girls love ears.
So then it is, but the appearance of the gentleman also excites us.

And don’t think that coming to your first date in worn home jeans and an old sweater will make a good impression on us.

In no case. This is a Two Star dating site, you can sit in anything, no one sees you anyway. And in a meeting you have to be dressed upright.
So what to choose? Let's figure it out.

1. Clothing should be clean. The smell of sweat, gasoline or cigarettes coming from your clothes is hardly pleasant to us.
2. Appropriate clothing before the event. Do not wear clubwear in the movies and vice versa.

3. Dress for the weather. Light trousers on a rainy day are more dirty than dark ones, and you will look messy.

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